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We Miss you So Much !



      We are very happy to see you again.  

             We know that you have waited for so long a time to be with us. We can now meet each other online. We know that you are also very excited to meet your friends, classmates and teachers  in this online classrooms. We have chosen to have this very updated platform to deliver the best and timely learnings you need.
      This will be very easy online since we all know that you are expert in your own little way. This paltform will make your learning adventure memorable and exciting. We will let you experience the same face to face learning you had in our classrooms. Your old beautiful teachers, classmates and friends are all waiting to hear from you. See you soon. 
Angel Face

Let us begin your step by step

ENROLLMENT process. 


   “ It was fun and a one of a kind experience when entered Tagatay Highlands and Fun Farm in 2012 and 2018. This exclusive community welcomes us. We were able to roam around and  the children interacted with the baby animals in their mini Zoo. Thank you very much 3 Angels Preschool Staff for making this fieldtrip a very memorable one.  You made it possible for us. Hope we can share this experience to all mothers again, with new classmates, teachers  and friends."

Miss Shy Salaber, a mother, a nurse  and a  former 3 Angels Preschool teacher


               In this time of Pandemic, thank you       3 Angels International Preschool  for providing us with this online learning platform.

           It will be a great experience for our kids to learn even though they are not allowed to mingle with anybody,

our home will serve as their little playground and a little classroom . Thank you so much that they will be able to see some old friends studying to boost their eagerness to learn and study too. 

— Lalyn Velina Baydid, Nurse, An Enterpreneur and a Mother

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